Culture Fighting Back

You know,

there is a cultural change in the wind!

So the next time you feel disheartened or alone in the long, hard fight against the left, remember “Who We Are” — we’re hardworking, freedom-loving Americans. Remember, too, that no matter how the left spins it, nearly every horrific mass shooting committed by an unhinged criminal or crazy person is eventually stopped primarily by another American with a gun because that’s who we are; we are Americans with the right to defend, protect, and prosper.

As the Smith & Wesson workers’ shirts say, “Tough Times Don’t Last. Tough Teams Do.” So it’s high time we remember that there are still way more of us on tough Team America than there are of them on leftist Team Hate America — no matter how they try to pretend otherwise. And best of all,  November is coming.

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