Abortion Lefty Identity

So just WHY

are Democrats so enamored with abortion? I mean, it is a nasty, brutal business in a charnel house! A very ugly procedure, on all levels.

Well, I think that for most Leftists it is A) Far enough removed from them that they don’t have visceral reaction to the gore and brutality of it, and B) it is a badge of identity for them. It proves to them and everyone else that they are, “Smarter than your average bear.” It is a sort of badge that declares which “tribe” they associate with. You know, “Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!”


I think they just have to be upset about something, and a half-century ago, it became abortion. Abortion attacks the family, attacks the natural status of mothers and offends normal people. Heck, it’s got it all. The pro-abortion movement is really just a rebellious teenage girl trying to show daddy what for. 

And now they have a problem. The problem is that there really is no problem anymore. Justice Alito solved it. Go deal with abortion in your state. The red states are going to ban it or limit it. The blue states are going to enact 365-day-per-year hunting seasons for fetuses. And then it’s going to be done. Except for some election action at the margins, the abortion issue has been solved for the first time in 50 years. Some places aren’t going to have it, some will have it a little, and some will have it all the time.

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