Political Strategy


Republicans need to play offense, here. We thought that playing nice and just ignoring the nuts would be sufficient. But no–Modern Democrats are the nuts, now!

And it’s way beyond time to crush them. We can no longer afford to be “polite” and silent. We need to actively stand up for what is right!

By going on the attack, we can pick our battles and accomplish our goals. This is not a plan for the faint-hearted, RINOS, compromisers, or the bipartisan. Mitch McConnell, and those like him, need to be pushed out for this to accelerate. This is and has to be about winning, full-stop.

And the harsh truth is that some of the people that you once thought were misguided but basically good are neither. They have now actively turned to the dark side. I’m so sorry. These losses are indeed heartbreaking.

But I had darn well better act according to the actual facts. It is time to take off the gloves!

Indeed, stay connected to your motivation! Overall, what is important to YOU? And everything has to be in the service of that goal.

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