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Yup! Absolutely


Will the public schools ever recover? I don’t think so, not totally. And not for years, in any case. COVID is the best thing that ever happened to the homeschooling industry! And to parents and kids.

And this means a larger percentage of people who are both well-educated, skeptical, and not a product of 12 years of indoctrination.

Democrats should be crapping their britches over what is likely to eventually come about. Democrats have lost the “long game.”

At least the pandemic had a silver lining. It taught parents that there are better alternatives to government schools.

… Others tried home schooling. Many had been skeptical but now discovered that their kids learned more, and their family life was enriched by teaching at home. The education establishment sneers at home schooling, but home-schooled students, even though they are more likely to be poor, score 30% higher on SAT tests. They also do better in college, and they are less likely to drink or do drugs.

… Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed what his office called “the most expansive school choice legislation in the nation.” It gives money to families that they can spend on private school, home schooling, micro schools, tutoring or any other educational service that meets the needs of kids. Any kid can qualify. The state simply gives families what they would have spent in the public school (up to $7,000 per child). That’s much more generous and simpler than other states’ choice plans.

… One poll showed that 74% of African Americans and 71% of Latinos support school choice. … Choice opponents are mostly unions, establishment Democrats and frightened suburban Republicans.

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