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New study shows

link between heart inflammation and mRNA COVID vaccine.

Guys, I think it’s clear that I am totally OK with most traditional vaccines. But I’m telling you, this mRNA one is a relatively HUGE risk.

And I am OK with people choosing to take a risk. What I am not OK with is force and lack of informed consent!

Here’s the bottom line: If you get the mRNA vaccine you will probably be OK. Most likely.

BUT, there is a non-zero chance of getting mRNA vaccine-induced catastrophic heart problems. I mean, athletes are known to drop dead after vaccination! There is now a veritable tsunami of cardiomyopathy and myocarditis in young people. And we haven’t even talked about menstrual issues…

And these are new problems for that population, and problems that are NOT endemic to the COVID illness itself.

If you are an adult, YOU make the call. I’m all for free choice when that choice affects mainly YOU. But forcing it on the unwilling? Well, there we part company…

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