To categorize people

as “Evil” is most often fundamentally defensive.

Because if they disagree with ME I can just dismiss them as evil. I don’t need to listen to them, consider their assertions, or even really pay attention to what they say other than to find an opening for my next brilliant “zinger.” I don’t have to take what they say seriously because I know.

It really IS a kind of arrogant ignorance–anyone who disagrees with ME is (by definition) evil. There is a HUGE narcissistic component in play, here. It is not open to reason and rational argument–and in fact those things are avoided at all costs–it is epistemologically closed.

I already know and there cannot be any more knowing!”

I think there are very few people that we think are evil who actually consider themselves evil. And, like in the skit, people are pretty much most often characterologically incapable of asking the question, “Are WE the baddies?” Yeah, it’s funny because it is incongruent–it never happens.

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