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Democrats, one

swallow (bird) does not a summer make. Sure, you clawed your way back to even in one poll. But historically, unless Democrats are up 3 in the generic poll, they lose big-time. So we’ll see.

Conservatives, we need to double down. This was never going to be an easy fight, and you need to be prepared to take a punch. But let’s not have a glass jaw, here.

The House is not really in question. The Senate is far more of a question–but then again, it always has been! And 2024 is far more difficult terrain for Democrats to defend.

Remember, 2022 was supposed to be a tough year for Republicans. The fact that Republicans taking the Senate in 2022 is a real possibility is a HUGE shift!

A war is not decided on rumors of one battle. Conservatives need to be made of sterner stuff than this.

Let’s roll!

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