Current Events

Hopefully we’ve

learned and things will be better in the future. MANY of us knew almost from the start that lockdowns were both scientifically bogus and socially ruinous.

Leftist were much slower to catch on–because it reified their Lefty beliefs and supported their Lefty preferences and buttressed their Lefty lust for power and control. But general lockdowns were never a scientifically wise move (that is, if you actually care about people more than power). And we knew that early on…

Sure, they may well have been a good idea from a risk management perspective. But not from a scientific one.

Of course, the question is not whether the shutdowns did more harm than the covid virus. The question is whether covid + shutdowns was better or worse than covid alone. I personally have no doubt that the shutdowns did more harm than good, so that covid + shutdowns was worse than covid alone would have been. That realization is, I think, dawning in many countries around the world. 

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