Anti-scientific stance Bad Faith

Yes, and it is

nothing short of revolting!

Since his ban, Berenson has not only been vindicated, but news surfaced that his silencing was the direct result of a request from the White House[emphasis added]

Through sad experience, I have learned that you can’t fully trust government health edicts. I have life-long conditions because they squelched (or flat-out misrepresented) what the science said.

The Washington Post denounced a segment with Berenson on Tucker Carlson’s show as “dishonest and dangerous.” And in April 2021, The Atlantic profiled him as “The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man.” So when Twitter quietly reinstated him this month, it should have been heralded as a major vindication for Berenson, but outside of one article in The Atlantic, it was largely ignored by the same legacy media that had written him off as an extremist crank who was hurting the public.

And yes, I am a bit salty about that.

See, in the past it was indeed very bad, but the past is nothing compared to the COVID crapola. Not only did they lie (see Birx’s admission), but even now they keep lying (see above)! And they did it knowingly. It’s really hard not to read malice or at least rank, sheep-like ignorance into this.

I am naturally prone to take direction, and am in many ways an easy mark. But I realize now that I have been a fool, and that I have been materially damaged by this denial of science.

You know, it’s wise to be just a little bit skeptical of what you are being told by the government. And it is hard when their obfuscations are the very water you swim in. But always remember, their ultimate goal is to maintain power and riches, NOT your well-being!

A good example is when my 95-year-old+ grandfather-in-law (whom I loved) was told by his physician that he could no longer eat butter on his bread. He loved buttered bread, but was denied that for a couple of years before he died. He was given several rather disgusting substitutes for butter and he dutifully did what “the experts” told him. The end result was that for the last couple years of his life he would/could not eat his bread with butter on it.

How sad! Of course, we know now that the advice was total bull-crap, but we should have known then!

So don’t tell me that such anti-scientific pronouncements and squelching of inquiry are benign!

Oh, I’m salty about it, all right.

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