Current Events

ALWAYS remember:

Conservatism is about restoration, repair, and incremental improvement–with a dependance on moral agency and a respect for what those in the past brought to the table.

Leftism is about iconoclasm, lack of moral agency, and tearing down what has been tried in the past and replacing it with “new” stuff that YOU thought of–and this by force–by any means necessary.

Conservatism is about empirically discerning what has been good over time and keeping those good parts. Leftism is about rationally (through the light of your own reason) tearing the whole thing down and creating a new, “perfect” thing after your own image.

Conservative thought is rooted in British Empiricism. Leftism is rooted in Continental Rationalism.

THESE are iron-clad historical facts. And yet even the very bright are fooled…

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