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Yes, Biden’s speech

was an utter disaster! Yes, the visuals were beyond horrible. True enough. I don’t know who the morons were who dreamed up and then approved THIS! But holy crap! They should be working the midnight shift at the local 7-11. I mean, who on earth thought this was a good idea?

Oh, I have words to describe this fiasco, but they are words I learned when I was with Marines, and they are not fit for a family blog. They are not even PG-13!

But it wasn’t just the breathtakingly horrible visuals. The content was also abysmally bad! Biden harangued, nattered, and threatened half the voting population the whole time. This was NOT a uniting speech. Far from it…

So in combination, it was colossal failure, the extent of which we have rarely seen, at least in living history! I do indeed think that you have to go back to Dukakis in a tank to get this epic of a failure!

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