Evil Clown

You know that when

even The Washington Post and CNN are aghast at your ham-handed dictator schtick, you have gone too far, even for a Democrat.

Many, many progressives have bought into this idea that this is their Flight 93 Election and they don’t want to hear anything but that kind of rhetoric.

… There’s a reason Biden and the Democrats are waving the bloody shirt: Polls show they will likely lose the midterm elections if they don’t.

I strongly suspect that they will get their pathetic butts kicked even if they do!

If I were really a distrustful person, I would think that the DNC would shoot Biden. That would do three things:

First, it would get rid of a stinky dead albatross that is hanging around their necks. Biden sucks and everyone knows it.

Second, it would generate all sorts of good will toward the party of the fallen President (both real and ginned up by MSM flying monkeys).

Third, it would be the excuse to try and destroy the Second Amendment and ban all guns.

A Biden assassination would be SO good for Left that I strongly suspect that they will try it. Certainly, Kamala is all in on it!

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