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What medical administrators

have done is just unconscionable!

People died because of base politics. It is heartbreaking. It is a tragedy that medical soi-disant “experts” or administrators did not follow the science. They let their Trump hatred override their moral and medical good sense.

I am also deeply disappointed in how my medical brothers and sisters–providers of all stripes–acted in all this. It’s true, they were faced with a HUGE dilemma with major costs to them. Evil (or weak) administrators put a lot of pressure on them. And it would be very difficult for me or anyone else to stand up to such pressure–I personally may well have failed that test.

I have been fortunate that I serendipitously got a position where I was not faced with such a dilemma. Yeah, that was a test that I can only HOPE to have passed.

But the truth is, as difficult as that choice was, providers as a whole came up short. They were (ahem!) weighed in the balances and found wanting.

One result that I am seeing now is a reluctance of regular people to get care. I think that is absolutely the wrong course, but there are people who I know who are now very reticent to be seen, and that is made MUCH worse by the current transgender mania. But the simple truth is that the more “woke” providers are, the less inclined these people are to seek diagnosis and treatment.

The silver lining is that people now may be more likely to do their own research and take more control of their own diagnoses and treatments. SOME providers are also more likely to use a rejection of “wokeness” as a selling point.

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