Banana Republic of Brandon Epic fail Immorality

Even the Lefty cheerleader

The Atlantic sees that Biden’s attempt to buy votes through loan “forgiveness” is a legal mess.

It’s not at all clear that this “Biden” boondoggle can withstand legal scrutiny. We all (most of us) assumed he could do that, but maybe he can’t. It has become clear that it is, shall we say, legally dubious.

And from a moral perspective, he shouldn’t do it.

Yeah, The Atlantic ties to salvage things with happy-clappy obfuscations and outright lies, but it is quite clear that even THEY can see that is on very shaky legal ground.

The reality is saved for the last sentence:

These plaintiffs will probably prevail unless the Department of Education narrows the plan’s scope or relies on a different statute when it finalizes the policy.

But if it falls it is another “Roadrunner” epic fail: “Biden” gets all the crap for implementing this base scheme, but almost none of the hoped-for benefits.


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