Bad Faith

I guess there MIGHT

be such thing as a Democrat who isn’t gumby-esque on issues of right and wrong (though I’ve never actually met one). Huh. Maybe. BUT…

But you know, it won’t matter one bit. Tim Scott was always going to kick major butt, here. So yet again, this is mainly virtue-signaling–showing that Democrats are not total immoral creeps when it makes NO difference whatsoever. They would be silent as the tomb if it made a lick’s worth of difference!

Democrats don’t care one bit that she is a dirtbag. They ONLY care that they can turn what is a sure loss into something that might be a little helpful to them.

I guess I would be more impressed if there wasn’t this long history of exploitive and dirtbaggy Lefty behavior. But I think what they’ve done here means virtually nothing.

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