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Yes, Manchin IS

the embodiment of Wimpy.

Pretty much, he sold out all the coal miners and those involved in creating energy in WV. And he did so based on some nebulous promise that, mark my words, will never be fulfilled. Take that to the bank!

So why did Manchin crump? I’m not sure. But I think that this is a sign that he virtually for sure won’t run again.He’s gone in 2024. But I really don’t think he could win now, anyway.

But another issue is whether he was enticed by money to vote for this pig. I think his wife gets a fat government salary (?), and that is probably not at all unrelated to Manchin’s vote.

I think it is less likely that Manchin was made “an offer he couldn’t refuse,” though given the Biden crime cabal, that is certainly possible.

So we are left with four options: 1) Manchin was duped, 2) Manchin was bought, 3) Manchin was threatened, or 4) Manchin really is a Leftist turd and since he was never going to run again anyway he just went ahead and let his Lefty freak flag fly.

I personally think it was a mixture of #1 and #2, with a dollop of #4 thrown in.

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