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Yes, a Lefty Political Strategy

brutal whipping.

Instead, she’s [Hobbs] spent the last several months running in terror, claiming that debating Lake would be a “circus.” Eventually, she outright refused.

In response, Lake has thoroughly outmaneuvered her and did so again on Monday by accepting an invitation to the debate, which will now be a 30-minute free campaign commercial.

Watch carefully what is happening, here.

For at least the last two decades or so, the Left has been anti-argument–they have encouraged their followers to avoid attempting to logically defend themselves at all. No more Crossfire. Now a serious Lefty must never leave the warm, moist environs of their own fever swamps–they must never leave their “Circle of Safety.”

It started on an interpersonal level. And yeah, that was bad. But we have seen with Katie Hobbs and John Fetterman that it has now metastasized, and even the Lefty candidates are fleeing in panic any sort of rational argument!

They want you to buy the proverbial cat in a bag.

And it is always the fault of the conservative in the race. You know, just like it is always the fault of the conservative in a usual conversation! No matter what, YOU somehow didn’t kiss their butt in juuust the right way so now they just won’t engage.

And Hobbs truly IS an AWFL (Affluent White Female Liberal)!

But of course it is a ruse. NO contrary beliefs would have been tolerated in any case! They were never going to debate. They are epistemically closed. And IF they looked perusable, it was only Bad Faith on their part.

I know Trump whoever the Republican candidate is WILL want a debate. But I will be very surprised if the Democrat will even do it–and of course he or she will blame the Republican–you can bet that there will be SOME excuse like that. Take it to the bank!

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