Energy Political Strategy

You know what

makes the most sense to me? The European “Greens” are getting paid off by Putin. Rationally and logically that is the explanation that makes the most sense.

Oh not directly–that would be unbelievably ham-handed of both parties. In fact, the “Greens” are probably not even really aware of it. It works better that way–two parties can keep a secret so long as one of them is dead…

But Putin could easily create shell corporations that would financially support the “Greens.” See, the “Greens” went from a fringe bunch of wackos to a real political force in a political nanosecond. Even 10 or 15 years ago they were not visible to most people.

So what makes me say that? Cui bono? THAT should lead you to knowledge “pay dirt.”

See, Europe has HUGE natural gas reserves, and if they ever started accessing them, Putin would be totally hosed. So he supports (behind the scenes) those who oppose such European energy independence.

Restrictions on European energy production are BOTH very good for Putin and quite socially trendy. Therefore, Putin supports European “green” energy. DUH!

Just look what is happening right now in Germany (and across Europe). They are literally starving and freezing for fuel, and Putin holds the whip hand, here. Don’t do as I’d like? No NordStream for you!

They either do as they’re told, or they freeze and starve…

Cui bono?

See, like most Leftism, “Green” works best when there are other, effective options working behind the scenes. That way the mindless Lefties can both proudly wear the “Green” badge AND turn up the heat on a chilly day!

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