Hypocrisy Political Strategy

I agree:

Strike NOW! And strike hard.

However, according to Civiqs, among Hispanic registered voters in that age group, 22% of Democrats and 71% of independents disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing.

… Biden is almost 10 points underwater on border security and immigration with Hispanic voters. Twenty-five percent of Hispanic voters put those issues in their top two. When asked about them separately, 59% say border security is their most important issue. Another 43% have cost of living among their top two issues, with 35% selecting jobs and the economy. Biden is -13 on the economy and -25 on the cost of living. The GOP needs to take a wild guess that these are the most important concerns in the community as a whole and not some vague, separate category based only on ethnicity. Only 11% put healthcare in the top two issues, and 14% selected abortion.

… More Hispanic registered voters (34%) describe themselves as “moderate” than “liberal” or “very liberal” combined (33%). It is time for Republicans to point out how radical Democrats have become at every opportunity. The examples are endless, from pushing radical transgender policies in K-12 schools to energy policy. This is not your grandmother’s Democrat Party.

Younger Hispanics especially are turning HARD against the Lefty immoral nonsense. The fact that a few of my religious white acquaintances support the immorality a Biden is a monument to rank hypocrisy…

Alas, there have been “whited sepulchers” in every age!

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