Captain Obvious


that was going to happen, right? It was just SO easily predictable!

As was repeatedly pointed out, there’s no reason to draw the line at two. If all that matters is love and everything else is a detail, why cavil at a number? Any number. It’s three now, but why not three thousand? Love is love, you know.

Here’s what I think should happen: The State gets out of the marriage business entirely. ALL people pay taxes based on them. NO “marriage deduction.” You made $X? OK, here is what you owe in taxes. The government just doesn’t care whether or not you are formally “married,” and the tax rates are no different no matter a person’s marital status. It works best with a flat tax, but it can work easily enough with other arrangements, too.

ALL there are are religious ceremonies, as well as those just created out of mere whimsey by the participants. But none of them have legal status. Consent is the ONLY legal issue.

You want to “marry” a houseplant? Go ahead, I don’t give a rat’s patoot. You want to “marry” two Nigerian brothers? Whatever you want, pal–knock yourself out. You want to “marry” a consenting adult of the same sex? I honestly don’t care.

And if you want a certain person at your bedside at the hospital? Get an advanced directive.

The only issue here is consent.

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