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It’s getting more

and more dangerous to just dismiss contrary opinions as mere “conspiracy theories.” Well, intellectually dangerous, that is.

See, Leftists in the recent past have loved calling others “conspiracy nuts!” Why?

Because it is a rhetorical trick: It allows them both to not even address the issue AND to disparage and demean anyone who disagrees with them as mentally ill and a person not to be taken seriously or even listened to.

It is just a self-serving gambit.

It’s like when a Conservative notes MSM bias. Lefties usually respond (if they will engage at all) with something like: “YOU think there is some central authority that tells everyone how to act? You are just a kook!”

Conversation over. Epistemological closure reached. No need for the Lefty to even think. The Lefty “Circle of Safety” is never violated. <sigh>

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