Evil Clown

Yeah, THIS

is what incoherent flailing looks like.

Earlier, Stephen Green reported on OPEC+ slashing its oil output by two million barrels. This after, as Stephen put it, Joe Biden went to OPEC+ with “hat in hand” (and a gas can in the other) to ask for more oil. Request denied. And gas prices will probably go up. But don’t worry! The (P)Resident of the United States has a plan! It’s all good! We’ll just… dip into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve! Again.

…If only there was more oil, somewhere. Anywhere. Oil that we could just take right out of the ground, right here in the United States. If only.

The problem is that this puts us ALL at huge risk. Biden’s crappy poll numbers are NOT a national emergency. And if “Biden” depletes the reserves in a vain attempt to save his sorry butt, just what happens if there is a real emergency?

Here are some numbers from the Utah Division of Oil Gas and Mining. Keep in mind, these are just for Utah and do not reflect the available resources in the rest of the country. In 2018, wells Utah and Uinta [counties] produced 37,116,941 barrels of oil. By 2022, that number had dropped to 20,748,304. That is a loss of 16,368,637 barrels. In 2018, natural gas production was at 295,825,783 mcf (thousand per cubic foot). By 2022, that number was at 126,130,632, a dip of 169,695,151 mcf. Again, those numbers are for just one state. As I have said before, I have been to places in Utah where these resources were seeping out of the ground on their own.

Does “Biden” want misery for everyone but him? It certainly seems that way. Why else would he throttle US oil production and then beg OPEC+ to drill for more?

The best interpretation one can rationally give is that this is ignorantly self-serving and rigidly (and stupidly) adhering to Lefty wacko “environmentalism.” At worst is that it is calculated maliciousness. It is likely somewhere in between.

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