I’ll tell you what

I find stunning about this: Word has gone out that suddenly it is OK to mock Biden.

Saturday Night Live poked fun at the current tense state of the U.S., centered around a game show called “So You Think You Won’t Snap?” 

The game show is all about what will make contestants snap after hearing all the embarrassing gaffes and issues President Joe Biden has created.

And that is a HUGE shift in the culture. You are starting to see “grumbling” even in hardcore Lefty institutions. Soon you will hear Lefties say, “Well, I never liked Biden all that well, anyway. But I loathed Donald Trump.”

Yes, DEMOCRATS are madly prepping for “The Big Switch.” So that way they can (they hope) avoid getting some of the Biden “stink” on them. They certainly will ditch Biden the nanosecond it is politically possible. Take THAT to the bank!

It is, of course, a fall-back position–a desperate attempt to salvage some shred of Lefty respectability. Just like with Nixon: He won in a landslide but just a few years later no one said that they voted for him. Huh.

But you KNOW this is all smoke and mirrors, right?

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