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So Tulsi finally

formally leaves the Democrat party. And with that, my bet is that you can’t name ONE “moderate” Democrat. I sure can’t.

It’s over. She was, indeed, the only one left (or not Far Left, as the case may be). Maybe, kinda, sorta Joe Manchin, but that is a real stretch. At least he pretends sometimes!

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich praised Tulsi for ditching the Democrats in a Tuesday statement on Fox News. He argued that she is one of many Americans who traditionally have voted blue but now find the Democrats unrecognizable. [emphasis added]

Uhm, she was Vice-Chair of the DNC! She was a Democrat Presidential contender! And she left the Democrat party. Think about that for a moment…

It’s really quite clear now: ANYONE who calls themself a Democrat is an extremist. The BEST scenario is that a person is an “apologetic Democrat.” They are indeed Democrats, but have the good sense to be a bit embarrassed about it at times…

This group actually ARE Democrats, but they just have enough of a vestige of morality left to vaguely and indistinctly have a sense of the HUGE moral problems that are staring them in the face with that party.

They lack the moral clarity and courage of a Tulsi Gabbard. But in rare moments of private lucidity they recognize that there are indeed some HUGE philosophical problems and contradictions.

The cognitive dissonance sometimes gets to them…

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