Foolishness Incompetence

I gotta admit,

I am pretty cheesed off at the Republican leadership in DC. Quite salty, actually. I think McConnell and his ilk deserve to be fired. Let’s get Scalise and some new, more competent blood in there! These guys got way too fat and happy and got sloppy and stopped understanding that their performance actually matters!

This was an uncontested lay-up. And those incompetent fools missed it. They thought they could just phone it in and make no effort.

Sure, Biden is horribly unpopular and has made a complete hash of things. But it doesn’t get any easier than this, and they made a dog’s breakfast of it!

And you know what? They should be fired for their incompetence.

I’m not sure we can even blame much on voter fraud (though AZ and PA certainly had it). No, this is just flat-out ineptitude.

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