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You know who I

think the biggest loser in this recent display of Republican incompetence was? Donald Trump.

See, a lot of us thought that we could nominate a publicity-loving blowhard and get away with it–his basic competence would win the day. And he is fundamentally competent!

Well, we just had an election where basic competence lost. Where ALL the odds were stacked on the side of the GOP. And yet Republicans grossly under-performed. They missed an open layup. They shanked an extra point. And it was all just so unnecessary. A little competence with a garnish of wisdom would have kept this ship from running aground.

Alas, those are two things the GOP leadership utterly lacked. And there’s no arguing with the data!

So now maybe, just maybe, we should go with just competence WITHOUT the grating exterior and WITH competent leadership.

Look, many people will never vote for Trump, regardless of the facts on the ground. Trump was the right man for that time. And he was indeed cheated by “Biden, Inc.”

Yes, yes, but that day is done. We need to move on in strategy.

And it seems that Trump has suddenly gotten a bee in his bonnet about Ron DeSantis. Weird.Yet most voters see DeSantis as the President-in-waiting. I just don’t think Trump can win without DeSantis.

And I think a DeSantis/Lake ticket is very probably the way to go now. Sure, the Left will incessantly demonize them (that is already well underway), but they are both quite competent and can manage it. BOTH are extremely good under fire. And they will both get LOTS of practice!

UPDATE: I am NOT the only one saying it!

Trump is toast. He has a few fanatical followers, most of whom were never reliable Republicans or even consistent voters. They can go down with his ship if they want to.

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