Moral Agency Political philosophy

Yes, that is

true: Lefties have a freakin’ COW over vigilanteism, but have no problem at all with armed and violent Lefty protests with rioting and looting. Gee, I wonder why that is?

Actually, I DON’T wonder…

I think the reason why Lefties freaked out about Kyle Rittenhouse obviously acting in self-defense is that it showed in plain relief the scummy underbelly of the Left. They want YOU to be defenseless and for THEM to have all means of inflicting harm.

THAT violence is indeed part and parcel with ALL Leftism! The violence is NOT an unfortunate and irrelevant part of Leftism. It is the beating heart of Leftism itself.

Leftism depends on force and coercion in a way that Conservatism does not.

Yeah, if you ask me to in two words say why I am Conservative, here they are: “Moral Agency.”

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