Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

Yes, we’ve all

moved on. Despot dead-enders are still forcing it whenever they can (I have an appointment at the VA tomorrow–truly theater of the absurd–they are still doing pandemic dress-up), but normal or non-sheep-like people have long moved on.

Anyone shocked by the report that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) withheld data about a potentially fatal complication from COVID-19 vaccinations until it was forced under court order to release the data hasn’t been paying attention to the CDC’s multitude of misstatements and lies over the last two years.

But we’re sick of the power-mad nonsense. And we’re NOT playing that stupid game anymore. I will take the mask from the nice volunteer at the VA tomorrow, and I wear it properly while he is watching. But not after that…

Run along, you petty and incompetent tyrants, we’re not interested in the COVID booster snake oil that you’re selling. Your fifteen minutes of screwing up lives lasted almost three years and it’s time for you to all shut up or — in a perfect world — do a little hard time for the damage you’ve caused.

I laughed because I recently had my yearly MRI at a mask-crazed hospital. And they duly handed out masks, which I wore to check in.

But once I was in the MRI suite, nobody wore masks, and I was informed that I could take it off.

Yeah, Pandemic Porn™ nonsense. And everyone knows it!

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