Current Events Election Fraud

For Democrats,

the crap has hit the fan. It is now quite clear to even the dullest and most naïve among us that Biden was NOT “duly” elected.

“They stole the election. And they tried to make you think you were crazy for thinking you knew they stole the election.”

Oh, and by the way, Musk did NOT commit suicide… (I just want to get that in early)

It was all right there, on the record, undeniable. So, to stop Trump from being reelected, Democrats demanded that their fellow travelers in Silicon Valley prevent the story about “the Big Guy” from getting out before the election.

Most of the unthinking masses of Democrat voters did NOT know what had gone on, but they were apoplectic about Musk buying Twitter because we ALL had this pervasive feeling that election fraud had been involved. Things didn’t add up. It just smelled like it!

And now there is absolute proof.

Remember, a sizable portion of Biden voters said they never would have voted for him if they had known these facts. If that is true in even half of those cases, Biden loses in a rout!

It’s pretty dang clear why these guys engaged in election fraud!

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