Political philosophy

The truth is,

the founding fathers had it right. WE screwed it up, tossing Federalism to the curb and creating the horrible bastardization of good sense known as direct election of Senators! Also, we did the same thing with creating an income tax, a powerful central government, and a meddlesome Supreme Court.

For crap’s sake, go back to what we know works!

THAT’s what Conservatism is all about–A historical empiricism where what has been demonstrated to work is valued and retained while that which has been shown to be of no or merely ephemeral value is discarded!

When you ask WHY I am a Conservative, THAT is the answer. I want to conserve or retain what has been shown empirically to work. Not get suckered into the Rationalist circle-jerk, unproductive, onanistic, will o’ the wisp intellectual dead end of Leftism.

Legend is that the will o’ the wisp would be seen and eagerly followed by foolish travelers. But what they saw was merely an illusion, and they were soon lost forever in the swamps, adding their organic matter that would fool the next travelers.

Similarly today there are those who are forever lost in the Lefty fever swamps, snapping viciously at the hands of their erstwhile friends who are trying to help them get out of there. Soon to be mere fodder that decays and fools others…

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