Current Events Evil Malignant Hypocrisy

Yes, the Evil Empire

is out to get Musk.

Where the hell were all these people when the previous Twitter regime was suspending the accounts of conservatives constantly?

Please, understand what this IS! Hypocrisy? Well OF COURSE! But it’s not just something so benign as merely that. It is malignant hypocrisy!

Unless I missed it, the mainstream news organizations have barely, if at all, covered the Twitter Files revelations, which showed the social media giant colluding with the government to suppress speech, as well as revealed how and why the old Twitter suppressed discussion of Hunter Biden’s laptop at a time when it stood to hurt Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Those moves are a thousand times more alarming than what Elon Musk has done today, but news organizations haven’t shown themselves to be angry over what Jack Dorsey’s Twitter did, or even interested in it.

THIS is what YOU voted for and what YOU have supported, Lefties! Now, do you have the bald-faced chutzpah to say that you are morally one of the “good guys?”

Face it, Lefty apologists, you are the bad guys!

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