There are a couple

logical problems with Neo-Darwinian evolution.

The first one is that there is just not enough time in the known age of the universe for evolution to happen, statistically.

Another problem has been referred to as “irreducible complexity.” Let’s take the famous “I Pencil” example. Now a pencil is FAR less complex than a living being, but even that is far too complex.

There IS no “survival value” to any of the many steps it takes to turn graphite and plants into pencils. It only makes sense IF the process is goal-directed (and by definition, that is NOT Neo-Darwinism).

Let me put it another way: What “survival value” is in a quarter of a mammalian eye? In order to believe in Darwinism, I have to assume it sprung out fully formed. Just by sheer luck a zillion parts came together.

I just don’t have that much faith in Neo-Darwinism!

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