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I agree with

├╝ber conservative Chip Roy and other reliable conservatives: If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee in 2024 I will happily vote for him.

I just think Ron DeSantis is a better option. He doesn’t have the baggage Trump does. And if he is at the top of the ticket it puts the lie to all the Leftists who say that it is ONLY Trump they oppose. The bind a DeSantis campaign would put Leftists who pretend to be “moderates” in would be nothing short of delicious!

Plus, DeSantis has shown that he has unerring conservative instincts as the chief executive of a large state over a long period of time (see: DeSantis; response to COVID). The same really cannot be said of Trump <cough>Fauci<cough>. And DeSantis can do two terms.

The main plus on Trump for me is that he will be more than likely to seek righteous vengeance and wreak havoc on the “deep state” lackeys if he becomes President again. There will be a BIG reckoning. And THAT is a huge plus. I just would LOVE to see him go in and start kicking butt!

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