Current Events

Trump was,

in almost all ways, a very good President. But he trusted Fauci and Birx and others, and they were lying to him. He believed their lies, and made some really bad decisions based on what they told him.

I don’t totally blame Trump, but the truth is that he was not skeptical enough. I know that he felt justified, that he deferred to the “experts,” and it’s hard to blame him too much. He didn’t realize the depth of the evil surrounding him.

And we ALL know better now. Still, I would like for Trump to openly acknowledge that he was indeed fooled by untrustworthy advisors, and as a result he did some things that were not wise or helpful or good. THAT is a big “ask” for him.

The sad part is that so far he has been unable to admit that he got snookered. His self-image seems to make that very hard…

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