I sure hope there

is a little punker/counter-culture/rebel in all of us. After all, that’s how we got America in the first place–not by being cowering sheep, but by rebelling and being willing to shoot a few “sacred cows!”

To be a rebel in the late 70’s and early 80’s was to reject disco and the pablum that was then passed off as music (can you say, “Muskrat Love?”).

But to be a rebel now is to be disparaging toward the Lefty woke-scolds. It is to live your life in happiness, rejecting all they have tried to foist upon you.

Remember when the band KISS was counter-culture? I sure do. Growing up, I had a friend who was pretty much completely unsupervised (his dad was a divorced, single dad who was a bank executive and was gone all the time). My friend had all the KISS albums and played them often–my parents would NOT have been happy if they had known what I was listening to at my friend’s house…

But now Paul Stanely is just another bowing and scraping sell-out to the modern woke-scold crowd. How sad!

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