Oh yeah, Manchin

is a dead man, walking. He’s the best Democrats have available in WV, but he still a sure loser!

And now we will see if the Democrats even support him. I mean, this is NOT a loyal bunch. They got ALL they wanted from him, and now they are likely to “ghost” him. I can just about hear him say, “But, but, but I thought you were the one!” And yet, it’s Friday night, and his phone is eerily silent.

See, Democrats value you as long as you are useful to them, but if the day comes that you are no longer an asset, it’s under the bus with you! And they have no qualms about that. They are VERY clinical about it all–it’s just business.

The truth is, Manchin made a STOOOPID move. He pushed Joe Biden’s inflation explosion act over the finish line and betrayed both his constituents and the rest of us. If he were wise, he would have known it was political suicide! I mean, I knew it, and it was widely discussed in many different forums. Manchin was a total fool to do it!

Well, he won’t be a Senator for a lot longer now…

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