Folks, it’s NOT

just Bud Light.

I don’t believe that this will kill A-B. There are too many brands, too much diversification for that.

Still, there is some broader backlash….

And that wasn’t all the good news, either. The Post added, “Meanwhile, as beer drinkers discover how many other beer brands fall under the Anheuser-Busch umbrella, the backlash is widening, according to the fresh data.” Even “Anheuser-Busch’s smaller US brands also got dinged, with its Natural Light brand down 5.2% and its Busch Light seeing a 1.8% drop.” Marvelous.

According to the Post, the hemorrhaging is just increasing: “The company’s flagship Budweiser brand took an 11.4% sales hit for the week ended April 29. Sales of Bud’s Michelob Ultra brand — the third-biggest-selling in the US behind No. 1 Bud Light and No. 2 Modelo Especial — were down 4.4%, according to Bump Williams data.” Bump Williams himself summed it up: “It’s not just a Bud Light issue. It’s an Anheuser-Busch portfolio problem now. “ [emphasis added]

Prediction? PAIN!

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