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If Tucker can

escape the evil, grasping clutches of FoxNews, he will be fine. Tucker Carlson is WAY bigger than FoxNews! Conservatives have a whole lot more faith in him than in FoxNews. A heck-ton more faith in him than in FoxNews!

Tucker Carlson posted a video to Twitter on Tuesday in which he announced plans to launch a “new version” of his show on the social media platform — the video, which amassed 22.9 million views within 24 hours, marked Carlson’s second recent video to blow up on the social media platform.

… How peculiar it would be for a time traveler dumped into the 2023 American political landscape to note that “right-wing website” is now interchangeable with “free speech platform.” It’s merely taken for granted that “left-wing” platforms censor dissenting views while “right-wing” platforms follow the spirit of the U.S. Constitution.

Lefties really don’t believe in free speech. They only believe in coercion and violence, in force. It’s who they are

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