Given current

events with FBI agents showing up on doorsteps harassing people, let me again go over the proper procedure:

Of course, always be polite.

The FIRST question, whether it be FBI or local police is, Do you have a warrant?

If they don’t, the encounter is over. “Please leave my property.” Followed closely by the second response (if even called for): “I am happy to answer questions, but ONLY with a warrant and through my attorney. You may not come in. Please leave my property now.” Even with a warrant, you only answer questions through your attorney.

If they say, “Do you like ice cream?” you say, “I will ONLY answer through my attorney.” “Is that your cute puppy?” “I will ONLY answer through my attorney.”

A lot of us think that because we have done nothing wrong, we are not in danger. You know, just tell the truth and that will clear everything up…

THAT is horribly, tragically false! If you are being questioned in any way by a Law Enforcement Officer or investigator of any stripe, YOU ARE IN DANGER! Speak ONLY through an attorney.

You might think that you can quickly (and without cost) clear things up just by telling the plain truth–you are innocent, after all…


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