Current Events

Hunter Biden

is in trouble. So is his father.

Will anything legal come of it? I think it is 50/50. But in terms of reputation and the view of the general public, the verdict is in. And Joe is as corrupt as the day is long. We ALL know that now.

So YOU voted for a corrupt person. OK, so what now? Certainly you can decide not to vote for him again, and indeed you should, just from a morality standpoint.

Well, you first need to admit that you were either knowingly and willfully avoidant of the knowledge of Joe’s corruption, or you knew he was corrupt and were unapologetically all in on his corruption–YOU condoned it and were “all in” on it.

In legal tort terms, you knew or should have known.

In either case, you need to change. This is a “Come to Jesus” moment. Literally. And the first step in changing is to admit. NOTHING can happen until then.

Here is the first step in AA:

1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol — that our lives had become unmanageable.

THAT is the first step in Lefty recovery: Admit. Until then, no change, no recovery can even get started.

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