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C’mon Trump!

What on earth has happened to you? Just stop it!

I want to like you. I really do. So knock off the crap! Hammering Kayleigh McEnany? And DeSantis? Really? As one poster said:

Now Trump says DeSantis didn’t lock down hard enough… plenty of his… more strident… followers here have been hammering on the “DeSantis locked down Florida!!!!” drum as hard as they can180 time? [emphasis added]

The day before this, Trump lauded… Cuomo. No really–the nipple-ringed former Governor grandma killer. You know the one. Really?

I’m getting nearer and nearer to being done with Trump. I’ve gone from being a big fan to being a bit wary. I’m still a fan of what he did in office. He was really amazingly comptent.

But he seems to be spinning wildly out of control, now. Can we just have the 2016 Trump back? I liked that guy!

This guy is starting to sound unhinged. Is this age-related dysregulation and dyscontrol? What we are seeing is NOT like he has been, but it is like the caricature of him that the Left put out!

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