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71 House Republican

Representatives voted against McCarthy’s debt deal. 71! He should be worried.

Because even if this does not cause the fall of his Speakership, any more like it probably will. He is now officially “on thin ice.” This pretty much removed any “safety net” he had. NOW he is working without a net.

Members of the Freedom Caucus, the most conservative caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives, are keeping going after Kevin McCarthy’s speakership on the table in the wake of the disappointing tentative debt ceiling deal he cut with Joe Biden.

McCarthy needs to earn back the trust of Republicans who have been repeatedly burned by RINO poseurs and are now more than a bit skittish. I’m kinda surprised that he spent his political capital on this. I’m not at all sure it was deliberate–I think he totally misjudged the moment. But he spent it, nonetheless.

Now, will the Senate Democrats fall in line and support the bill? Very Probably. Only a few fire-breathing Lefty radicals will vote against it. And some rock-ribbed Republicans will, too (though for entirely different reasons).

But it will certainly pass. And McCarthy will live to fight another day–but now with a black eye and a cauliflower ear…

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