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A REAL problem

we face now is this: “What is a “deepfake” and what isn’t?

There is pretty much nothing now that cannot be convincingly faked.

And that makes a MAJOR difference in our justice system. Now, even if there is a video (like security cam) that shows me doing something illegal, I can always say, “Uh, that is a deepfake.”

Recently, the Jan 6 surveillance tapes were doctored. An audio track was added. Are you awake yet?

In at least two instances identified by Just the News, the panel’s sizzle reel that aired live and on C-SPAN last June failed to identify that it had overdubbed audio from another, unidentified source onto the silent footage.

And thus we see that there is “reasonable doubt.” So the verdict MUST be, “Not Guilty.”

Now I agree that in most cases, things do not hang primarily on video evidence. But some do.

But really, ALL there is now a full reliance on eyewitness testimony because video is not reliable. And yes, there are problems with that, but what else IS there besides confronting your accuser on the stand? Where else is truth to be found other than in a set of cogent arguments? And that means there are two sides vying for superiority.

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