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Yes, the #1

reason I would want Trump back in the White House is that he would be a raging bull against the deep state. DeSantis would be nice and controlled about it–and perhaps that would be best. Yeah, probably.

But the sweet, sweet vision of Trump wildly swinging an ax, lopping off heads willy-nilly fills me with glee. DeSantis would use a sharp knife–Trump would swing a war hammer…

Using the sharp knife is probably better. But the thought of an uncontrolled Trump swinging a big hammer is pretty dang gratifying.

See, I would like the vendetta-driven Trump (and he is nothing but vendetta-driven). But, as his response to COVID-19 showed, he does not have the conservative “instincts” of DeSantis. I don’t think he is as reliably clear-headed as DeSantis.

Trump is a blunt instrument. DeSantis is a scalpel.

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