Bad Faith

I think MOST

people are not taking the Trump indictment seriously. Why?

  1. It is a transparent ploy to “get” Trump, not a serious expression of justice. And…
  2. There has been NO action in regard to Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence, or Sandy “pants” Berger, or even Joe Biden (who kept boxes of classified documents in his garage). There was no equal application of the law.

So it’s pretty dang obvious that this is the Left once again just venting their spleens.You think this is about justice? HA! Don’t be a slack-jawed moron!

It’s a sham. And everyone with half a brain knows it’s a sham.

That said, it was exceedingly unwise for Trump to go down this road. Sure, others did far worse with total impunity. It really is not fair. Yes, yes, but it is wise not to extinguish the campfire when the slavering wolves are circling, regardless of whether the previous werewolves were just fine doing it.

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