Bad Faith

Mitt Romney is

a horse’s butt. He is the prototypical RINO, and as such, he used the age-old RINO strategy and LIED to his constituents about his crap-eating RINO status in order to get elected. He is indeed the political second coming of John McCain.

Romney hid who he actually is. He is a stinkin’ liar, straight up. He didn’t divulge who he really is (following the well-worn RINO script) because he knew that he could not be elected if he were honest about who and what he really believes! THIS is why you never vote for a MA carpet-bagger.

Well, the jig is up. He faces the electorate again next year. Now we ALL know what he truly is–he can’t hide it this time!

Yes, he does “speak Conservative,” but with a very heavy accent! It’s certainly not his native tongue. And THAT is obvious to even the dullest among us.

The good people of Utah got snookered! And the deception was entirely deliberate on his part. Shame on him! But you can just bet that he HAS no shame…

Yes, I myself was snookered and I voted for him for president (though indeed he would have been better than the execrable Obama). But he very clearly wimped out then, and we ALL know what he is, now.

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