Look, revolt

and rebellion is a rite of passage! Trying to squelch middle school and high school students is a fool’s errand!

Uh oh: students at a Massachusetts middle school rose up in protest against a force-feeding of “pride” beliefs, leaving authorities scrambling to put down the rebellion before it could spread.

… Bonassera called on the school to crush the dissent by visiting “consequences” on the renegades, saying it should make an example of them in order to emphasize the town’s commitment to DEI. (Let that sink in.) “We also believe that without any direct and concrete action, these incidents will occur again and increase in severity,” she fretted. And that is the real fear of the rainbow enforcers.

They are losing control of the trolley!

Oh yeah, THIS will help…

After the uprising, the school swiftly met with the offending students to “educate them about how their behaviors affect others, to take responsibility for their behaviors, and to help us become a more inclusive community where all of us feel that we belong,’ Burlington School Committee Chairwoman Martha Simon told the Boston Globe.  And a reinvigorated new DEI board is expected to be visited upon the recalcitrant student body in the future. The clampdown is underway!

… So today, I send great respect to the brave young heroes at Marshall Simonds who stood up for themselves and defied authority. All others take note: this is what speaking truth to power actually looks like.

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