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The quiet canary

in the American coal mine.

But I’m not here to tell you to vote for Trump. That’s not the purpose of this article. The purpose is to point out that if it’s happening to him, it can just as easily happen to you and with far more success. The Democrat Party has shown its hand and it’s the fist of a dictator, and it’s willing to, very openly, bring that fist down on anyone or anything that it perceives as a threat. It’s willing to go to any lengths and abuse any power it can to maintain its grip on you and this country. [emphasis added]

You can despise Trump in every which way. That’s fine, but we make a severe mistake by allowing our personal grievances against a man to convince us to pardon corrupt actions by a supposedly fair system we all live under. Today it’s Trump, tomorrow it’s you, your spouse, your sons and daughters, your duly elected local official, and more.

Not standing up for Trump at this point is agreeing that a dictatorship is okay if the conditions are right. It’s an open invitation for corruption by the people. It’s the endorsement of a banana republic and the promotion of a two-tier justice system. It’s the hard beginning of the late-stage empire.

You can vote against Trump in the primary later. Today, stand in front of him and draw a line because ultimately that line isn’t for Trump, it’s for you, your family, your friends, and your countrymen.

Folks, at what point are you going to stand up for the right? Don’t be weighed in the balances and found wanting, here! YOU are not descended from wimps and suck-ups.

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