Basic Economics

It’s not really

much of a surprise. Here’s a lesson that Lefties never seem to learn: Money is like water–it always flows in the path of least resistance. water just doesn’t flow flow uphill. That is NOT how the physical world works.

Go woke, go broke. Ever since peak COVID-19, traditional powerhouses of economic value like leftist California and New York have been losing money and residents hand over fist, while red states — particularly in the South — have boomed.

… The six fastest-growing states — Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and North and South Carolina, according to Allen — are experiencing a “$100 billion wealth migration” based on Bureau of Economic Analysis data. Those states now contribute more to America’s national GDP than the Northeast, which used to be the economic powerhouse, Allen wrote, citing Bloomberg.

We can rigidly hold to some belief that water should flow uphill, and indeed there are ways I can temporarily force it to do so (like a siphon). But all my quibbling aside, water will flow downhill.

The Mendelian Spousal Unit (MSU) had a geology professor in college. He was frequently hired by construction companies to consult on geological issues they faced.

He had a saying–Nature will always re-establish the slope. Yes, you can build on that hill and buttress the house with retaining walls and such, but understand well that eventually nature WILL re-establish that slope. That house is inherently unstable, and sooner or later it will come down.

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