Yes, old wannabe

hippies are making BANK!

Don’t be fooled by their Lefty claptrap: These guys are naggy and self-important Robber Barons.

For the rich hippies, disparaging the very nation, principles, and economic system that made them rich is the fairy dust that makes their fans believe they’re still down with the struggle. The illusion must be kept strong via any means.

… Here’s an idea: let Ben, Jerry, and the rest of the rich Hitler Youth hippies give ALL of their money to every oppressed-by-the-Founding-Fathers group they can find. Two white hippies who have amassed that much wealth should surely want to give it all away and show their sincerity, right?  I mean, capitalism is evil, isn’t it? Your ill-gotten wealth is in serious need of a redistribution, Woodstock Boys.

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